Become a Host

Join our community to unlock your greatest asset and welcome paying Guests into your space.

How it works?

Why be a Host?

Hosting your property as a film or event location comes with more than one benefit.


  How will I receive payouts?

Our PCI DSS compliant payment gateway holds the amount till the project is initiated or completed. Payments are then automatically released within 72 hours of the project initiation date. 

  How do I create a listing?

We are glad you asked! It's simple really, sign up, apply to become a Host, create your listing and you will be set within minutes! If you need help, then let us know. 

  How do I update or modify my availabilities?

You can modify your availability calendar on-the-go! Your listing will be available only when you choose it to be visible for bookings.

  How do I increase the conversion rate?

A great way is to keep your listing up-to-date. The latest images and accuracy in providing information will ensure Guests or Crews have a smooth working at your space.